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Music you should listen to: Machinedrum

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It's pretty obvious why electronic music gets a bad rap. With the growing number of "push play" DJ's being caught in the act and the plethora of Traktor Pro downloads across the internet, it's easy to see why most folks don't see electronic music as a legitimate art.

Fortunately, groups like Machinedrum exist. These guys fuse live with digital in a way that is getting harder and harder to find. The only people that are doing it on this level are James Holden and Nicolas Jaar (not bad company at all).

If you have 11 minutes to spare, check this out and marvel at some guys creating music that is not only unique, but also breaking stereotypes and saving an art that is in the process of being heavily saturated.

Fresh posters & tee's.

Emilio José BernardComment

Happy to be back and making posters again. It's been a few months, filled with a ton of great opportunities and endeavours. Luckily, I made some time to come up with some new posters and t-shirt designs. Baseball is my first love and the reason why I started making posters, so it's only right that the next series be baseball themed.

These posters feature a mix of new and old. Polygon background with muted colors, complimented with each teams early-era logo and current stats.

The posters are up in my Etsy shop if you fancy one (or more). T-shirts as well. You can click the "shop" tab above or just click here to check out my shop.